Roof Repairs & Extensions

Whether you want to match a roof tile to repair your existing roof or perfectly blend the roof of an extension with the original building.

Matching home extensions’ roof tiles with existing home’s tiles.

One of the most popular uses for second-hand roof tiles is home extensions. As the homeowner extension market continues to grow in Melbourne, so does the demand for roof tiles that tiles that match the house’s existing roof. The best house extensions should merge into the existing structure seamlessly and look like they were always there. Matching a house extension’s roof tiles with the existing roof will help bring the two areas together visually, increase the aesthetic appeal of the house exterior and increase the value of the property.

Re – Roofing

Re-roofing is a cost-effective way to modernise the look of your home. Having a high quality, modern roof on your property will increase it’s value and give you the peace of mind that comes with having a quality tiled roof. Another great advantage of re-roofing your home is that it gives you the opportunity to install installation or upgrade your existing installation. Roof installations extremely important and provide many advantages for your roof.

If your roof tiles have suffered damage and are old or rare it could be more cost effective to re-roof than try to match replacement roof tiles with your existing ones, especially if there are a large number of damaged or missing tiles. If your roof tiles are damaged or missing, moisture can get into the ceiling void and cause issues such as water damaged ceilings. It can also degrade your ceiling insulation and can be dangerous if water comes into contact with electrical wiring or fittings.